Ipswich East Rotary Club has announced the date of the next Orwell Challenge which is scheduled for Sunday 17th June 2018.

The Orwell Walk will be be staged with three main routes to chose from, but with checkpoints every 2 to 3 miles, entrants can decide how far they wish to go. The three main routes are Levington Loop (12 miles), Fishponds Folly (19 miles) or Orwell 25(25 miles). There is an optional finish route for runners wishing to complete a marathon length trail run. A free medal and a certificate will be awarded to each entrant on their return to HQ.

Entry Fee is only £15 for adults and £10 for children of 12 years and under. There will be a 20% discount for those registering early.

Start Times for Walkers: HQ opens at 7am for the walkers to start at 7:30am. The last departure for those walking the full 25 miles is 9am, but those walking a shorter route may leave up until 10:30am. High tide may mean that late starters will be transported to an appropriate Checkpoint.

Start Times for Marathon Runners: HQ opens at 6.30am for runners to start at 7:00am. All runners must be off by 7:30am

The Orwell Cycle Ride will be staged with 2 routes to chose from, a short route (5 miles) and a medium route (15 miles).

Start Time for Cyclists: HQ opens at 8am for the cyclists to start at 8am. The last departure for those riding the full 15 miles is 9am, but those riding the shorter route may leave up until 10am. 

Terrain: The route has some on-road stretches but is mainly off-road. Narrow tyres are not, therefore, suitable and it is recommended that only Mountain Bicycles should be used on the ride.

The Orwell Walk, the Orwell Marathon Run and the Orwell Cycle Ride will begin and end at Gainsborough Sports Centre but will be separate from each other and each will be fully marshalled. There are regular checkpoints along the way where free refreshments are available for all. Volunteers from Ipswich East Rotary Club, their Associate Members are on hand to lend support and for any walkers, runners or cyclists who feel they have reached their maximum distance and need to be transported back to base.

Last year we had 100's of entrants, all raising money for their chosen charities or for Ipswich East Rotary Club, the organisers. The three events will begin and end at Gainsborough Sports Club where there will be ample free parking and free refreshments at either end of the routes.

This year’s main sponsor is The East of England Co-Op

Those interested in registering for either of the events you can do so by clicking here online.

Walkers, Runners and cyclists are encouraged to wear bright colours if they wish, emphasising the colour they bring to the charities they support. To register for the Orwell Walk or Cycle ride you can do so here online.

The Orwell Walk, Orwell Marathon Run and Orwell Cycle routes pass through some of the most delightful countryside, woodland and shores of the Orwell Estuary.

The route is well signposted and marshalled and has checkpoints every three or four miles, where drinks, a smiling face and toilet facilities are provided.